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The Real Deal

New York Post

11/12/12 “Hate mongers torch cars, scrawl swastikas on Orthodox block in Brooklyn”

1/19/12 “A parking lot of relief for drivers”

6/22/12 “Fingerprint private teachers”

11/13/12 “Hydrant rule is all wet: pol”

10/30/13 “Restaurants who ‘trick you into tipping twice’ may face fine”

10/31/13 “Parents of killed boy plead for 20 mph speed limits”

1/21/14 “Bratton faces fury over crackdown on jaywalkers”

3/25/14 “Elections Board head claims agency deliberately underfunded”

4/8/14 “City Council plans 10 percent raise in its budget”

6/2/14 “Driver with cancer patient wrongly accused of ‘illegal cab’”

6/22/14 “Bus depot to become memorial for slaves found buried there”

6/24/14 “City Council OKs $3.5 million for extra neighborhood cleaning” 

9/19/14 “City Hall ripped for silence over hate crime spike”

10/7/14 “City Council votes to lower NYC speed limit to 25 mph”

11/20/14 “10-cent paper and plastic bag fee proposal divides City Council”

1/22/15 “Pro-Palestinian demonstrators ejected from City Hall”

2/24/15 “NYC repealing Jewish circumcision law requiring consent”

3/8/15 “Cops ramp up security after 2 men seen videotaping synagogue”

6/24/15 “DOT set to roll out upgraded Muni-Meters”

8/2/15 “De Blasio eyes new council plan to limit Uber’s pricing”

7/16/16 “Russell Simmons is a horse’s ass”

11/28/16 “Hostel owners to lobby City Council to legalize industry”

2/13/17 “Dems push de Blasio to cut subway, bus fares for poor”

3/5/17 “Jewish leaders demand probe into toppled headstones”

7/6/17 “Councilman can’t believe city spent $2M on this tiny park bathroom”

7/17/17 “City Councilman not expected to seek re-election”

New York Daily News

3/24/10 “David Greenfield, former staffer for Joe Lieberman, wins special election for Brooklyn Council seat”

12/22/10 “Cop who ticketed Brooklyn rabbi on Sabbath for jaywalking transferred”

1/13/11 “Mayor Bloomberg makes up for last month's blizzard fiasco with Wednesday's plower power”

1/23/11 “New bill would grant pregnant women free parking throughout the city”

7/21/11'Leiby's Law' would provide safe places for children who are lost or in trouble”

6/25/12 “City Council bills aim to crack down on NYPD for ignoring non-fatal car crashes”

11/19/12 “New Kensington library could be last branch built in Brooklyn”

11/22/12 “Stop treating Black Friday like a cash machine, Councilman David Greenfield tells New York City”

2/3/13 “Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn will propose that city give drivers at least 24 hours' notice before temporary changes to parking rules”

5/1/13 “New Yorkers will no longer have to pay for free parking under City Council bill that would shut off Muni Meters during times when meters are not in effect”

5/9/13 “Councilman David Greenfield to the F subway line: You suck!”

4/29/14 “Parks Dept. spruces up part of Brooklyn's historic Ocean Parkway”

10/28/14 “Melissa Mark-Viverito and Council members to take trip to Israel”

11/25/14 “Astoria Cove project gets final approval”

1/22/15 “Pro-Palestinian activists disrupt City Council meeting”

2/1/15 “City councilman wants meters shut down when alternate-side parking is suspended for snow”

5/14/16 “NYC Council passes bill banning conversions of hotels into condos for two years”

12/7/16 “City Council OKs security guards for some NYC private schools”

1/15/16 “NYPD cracks down on bogus and abused parking placards”

2/10/16 “Mayor de Blasio's zoning plan — featuring taller buildings for affordable housing and fewer parking spaces — presented to City Council”

3/14/16 “De Blasio, City Council strike deal on support for affordable housing plan”

4/14/16 “City Council advances plan to build thousands of affordable apartments in Brooklyn’s East New York”

5/5/16 “DAVID GREENFIELD: Plastic, paper bag tax won't work, but will hurt poor, working-class families”

6/8/16 “City Council passes law to speed up landmarking process”

1/4/17 “NYC councilman thinks his bill to track garbage trucks will prevent traffic pileups”

4/10/17 “South Brooklynites rally to bring back F train express service”

4/17/17 “Two thieves break into Brooklyn synagogue, beat caretaker with broomstick”

4/25/17 “Pol urges Manhattan Democratic Party to kick out Council hopeful with platform against 'greedy Jewish landlords’”

6/21/17 “NYC to tighten building regulations after Trump Tower violated public space rules”

7/17/17 “Councilman David Greenfield ditches a reelection run to take over Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty”

8/24/17 “Councilman calls for independent commission to tackle homeless shelter placement woes”

9/4/17 “Councilman David Greenfield seeks to plant a thousand 'big and shady' trees in Midwood”

10/24/17 “Brooklyn councilman accuses critics of Broadway Triangle development of anti-Semitism”

10/26/17 “A vast Jewish conspiracy: An anti-Semitic attack against housing”

10/30/17 “71-year-old man pulled over for cell phone use says NYPD cops shoved, cuffed him for no reason”